Epistasis is the joining of two separate genotypes to create something greater than the sum of all parts. BushFire OG is the result of that exercise coming to fruition here in the newest strain offered by Omuerta Genetix. While selectively reproducing our Bushido and Firecreek Og lines by way of eugenic practices, there were plants brought into flower that were to be culled out of the breed in favor of others that would properly represent and strengthen the phenotypes wanted.  Pairing some of the smaller Firecreek Og F5 females with pollen from our stud Bushido male; Our intention was to bulk out the Firecreek Og with a better yield and add sweet tangy zip to the lemony sandalwood to the palette. Two of our most spoken of strains now come together as one in this meeting of legends and force. Both loved by growers for very different reasons, but both with their own attributes that class them as must have cultivars from the Omuerta arsenal. 


THC / CBD                                       21%    O%

YIELD                                               ABOVE AVERAGE    

SKILL                                                BEGINNER 

FLOWERTIME                                8-9 WEEKS