Oaktree is the deal deal classic Oakland Purple Kush crossed with the Joseph Og by Gage Green Group. Stone Free is named after the late Jimi Hendrix, and its lineage lends to Chemdawg D (underdawg cut) crossed to Sannie’s old world Anesthesia.  Omuerta has crossed the two plants from very different backgrounds and the hybrid made is something special for sure.

 Hard to control in flower as Crosstown Traffic will shoot large clusters of flowers from every available node and stretch into tall terminal flowers. This is a great cultivar for SCROG growing or large out door plants.  Flowers are green to purple to pink with extreme resin production through weeks 8 and 9. The finished product has hints of raspberry wine and sandalwood making for a very enjoyable evening smoke. Deep and flavorful with subtle tones of rose and spice throughout.  Effects can be mildly relaxing to some, and sleep inducing to others. Crosstown Traffic was built to be an evening use plant medicine and leans heavy to the Indica side making it great for pain and insomnia issues a well as social and recreational. This is high caliber fine Cannabis at its best with great bag appeal as well as function and taste.

  • THC / CBD:                       NA / LOW
  • YIELD:                               ABOVE AVERAGE
  • SKILL:                                INTERMEDIATE
  • FLOWERTIME:                 9 WEEKS