All for my own pleasure and bred for high tolerance patients. Two of the most potent strains I have ever smoked came together for this cross;  Gage’s Grateful Breath x Yerba Buena.  Possibly the most sought after genetic we have released in our illustrious catalog and most widely spoken of in growers as well as extract artisan circles.

FireCreek boasts an amazing amount of trichomes on very tall stalks, making the whole leaf look like it is frosted in waves.  A very high frost ratio leaves even the hardiest of smokers tap out before finishing their average dose. Phenotype’s run from smooth woody and pine taste to fruity, and gassy funk. Low flower time and ‘Loads of Nodes’ Indica structure. Guaranteed to impress.

Selectively inbred 6 times to further stabilize and bring to dominance the traits we most desired… short flowering in 55 days maximum to finish with an extreme candelabra structure just oozing trichomes. The effects of the smoked flower of Firecreek Og can be almost too much for the novice smoker. Fast coming on, slight paranoia and sweats are not uncommon. Visual and audio seem to dull and heighten in waves. a heavy body and mind races before sleep overtakes the consumer.

  • THC / CBD:                       NA / Low
  • YIELD:                               ABOVE AVERAGE
  • SKILL:                                ADVANCED
  • FLOWERTIME:                8 WEEKS