Greetings Soldierz… Just want to THANK YOU ALL for the ongoing love and support as we take this dream day by day and step by step.

As ALWAYS.. Omuerta Genetix is bred for a higher quality for the grower who demands the best… Tested rigorously by growers of varying skill levels and grown out from seed to full term by us BEFORE we decide if they will go on to you.




I started my first SERIOUS foray into breeding cannabis around 2002; I had always grown small numbers in closets and DIY Polywrapped sections of basements. Around this time I was importing and breeding reptiles, specifically giant constrictors for color morphs and pattern morphs. This lead me down the road of studying genetics and HOW they bond together. You see Snakes have Genotypes and we can look at the different inbred morphs as phenotypes, some of these will be visually dominant, some generational recessive and some heterozygous that carry the selected gene in the DNA but doesn’t show at all.

Once I began to overlay this knowledge of fauna to flora, the lightning struck.  The reptile collection was slowly downsized and phased out for this new passion. The gratification of seeing the plants life cycle within 90 days and being able to SEE and SMELL the nuances in each phenotype quickly overcame me into an obsession.  I started thinking of the power of a seed. One seed if treated right and grown healthy can give birth to an ever widening army of clones. The blueprinting by nature, so complex,  truly Gods math.  And the magic of a drop of water unleashes it.. Memories of jacks magic beans and his beanstalk to the clouds…   It was possible.

I started out under an alias and dropped 4 strains and began selling by word of mouth and in a few heady shops. Ultimately the seeds were stolen or shops closed but I was able to mail out free seeds to anyone who promised to grow them and when the feedback started rolling back in, I knew i was onto something.  A slow burn, but it was catching.  I then pulled out the DJ short gear and found a new seed company that I would model my quality after. I started a few plants and found the keepers and crossed them. I posted pics up on Facebook and started sending out seeds for free to gain a name and trust. At this point pictures of the plants were what I was after more than monetary gain. It is a steady foundation you build a solid house on.

This strategy paid off and a new company was born.. Omuerta Genetix.  Omerta is the oath of silence, death before dishonor. Muerta is Spanish and refers to the death of a female.  I slapped them both together and O.G was born.

I wrote the company I had been testing genetics for and told the owner of my foray and wanting to use only their gear to create original strains.. I asked If i could use their colors, Purple and Green and even use their insignia as an homage to my mentors. The response i got back brought tears to my eyes“We all bleed purple and Green.. YES , yes you can!”

I admit… Omuerta was piggy backed off Gage Green for the first few years of existence. Even now I will give them credit for inspiring me and giving me my first solid genetics and some rare gems to begin with. I have always paid for everything, no free rides, no sponsors, no products to use or lights to test. When you hear it from me, it is the truth as I know and believe it to be.

Over the years that followed Omuerta Genetix has become a small trustworthy brand with a stellar track record and a great number of returning customers. The up’s and down’s of the industry mean that as Omuerta grows, I also grow a target on my brand for those less dependable, and more often then not ethically questionable, companies in an attempt to steal the thunder we are capturing. .

Fortunately there are no losses in this and only lessons taken. Omuerta will never leave a soldier on the field of battle. We will never change our philosophy on how this company is run, how our customers are treated or forget where we come from. A seed cannot and should not be controlled ever as it is nature. When you donate for my work, you own the rights to those seeds to do whatever you wish. Please breed them as my dream, my imprint on this world, is that long after I am dead and in the ground our children may find a vial of little brown and striped seeds stashed and add that drop of life giving miracle water and discover an amazing plant for themselves. THAT is Omuerta Genetix true legacy.

There are many ways up the mountain and Omuertas climb has been slow and methodical, there have been slips and weak footholds along the way but I have rid myself of the heavy loads and those guides who advise which trail to be on in favor of taking my own road. One which I cannot fall or be pushed off of.   And when the top is in view, I will look behind and help my brothers up with me as the view just isn’t as spectacular without people to enjoy it with and who understand what it took to get there. My journey with Cannabis is one of a life time and so, I am in no hurry to finish.

To Be Continued…

– OG