We are going to take a break from the growing information for this Blog post; I promise we will get back to everyone’s favourite subject in the next Blog entry. However if you decide to grow Cannabis & use Cannabis there are some things we must discuss before we go into the next stages. Seedlings are 1 thing but a room or backyard full of late flowering Marijuana plants can cause a lot of headache to the grower or homeowner one must be aware of. As we enter a legal market some things will change and some things will not. You will be able to talk freely about your plants and show your wares to anyone, but keep note on which you are telling and showing. Jealousy is human nature, to want what the other guy has. I have seen it all in my time and now I have Infrared cameras installed right in my grow rooms… yes I have taken it that far and so I have a few suggestions for you.

  • Deadbolts for all doors in and out of the home and grow area.

  • Window locks and wired cameras down driveways, on front door, door to grow, even inside grow and house.

  • Large breed dogs are great to alarm you to unwanted visitors as well as help defend you should you need it.

  • Grows should be located away from high traffic areas in the home such as main floor bedrooms; basements or garages are much better and easier to conceal.

  • Outdoor grows should be concealed by high fencing as well as cover plants.

  • Be nice and courteous to your neighbours, do not be a problem for them, but don’t befriend them to the point they want to know all about you. Stay low profile so you never worry when you leave the grow.

  • Bring in supplies bagged or boxed and double bag your grow room trash in its own garbage bags, this should not be mixed with anything that identifies the name of the grower, or address of grow site.

  • Use Charcoal filters and vent warm moist air somewhere a meter reader or neighbour won’t discover. A furnace exhaust is perfect.

  • Do not show your friends; tell your coworkers or your neighbours.

  • Do not take the same car to the grow store and directly home.

  • Do not pay for any materials on credit card or debit, try to use cash for your supplies as it leaves no trail.

You may read this and think this is too much, unfortunately it isn’t. I have seen the greed in humans hurt many including myself. We are dealing with a medicinal plant that can do wonders to people. But we have lived under oppression and propaganda for so long that this inflated worth of a plant because of supply and demand came into existence. It is heart breaking to find someone has taken your hard work as well as medicine. Although I would never ever recommend a firearm on site in your grow or anywhere near your Cannabis for legal ramifications for the owner, you must be prepared for the unthinkable.

Cameras, Dog, Legal Permit on the grow room door, grow in not easily accessible area of home with proper filters and locks, need to know basis only. Keep the property up kept and the visitors down. The rest is common sense. We have grown under cover for years and been labelled as gangsters and thugs by law enforcement, that in turn has made us targets for real thugs who have no shame in taking your hard earned medicine and selling it to the highest bidder on the street. I have seen domestic arguments between couples blow up into arrests for drug cultivation. I have seen partners turn on one another and patients bite the hand that feeds them, Trust NO ONE in this industry when it comes to your safety. We want you new growers out there to be aware and be safe and enjoy all this hobby has to offer, not for some misgivings due to a newly emerging industry coming out from the shadows of the black market. You must be aware that there are those who would benefit from keeping Cannabis illegal and still practice the old school mentality.

Now I promise…    Back to growing.

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