Cenote  (sen-oh-tay)  is an F1 hybrid built from 2 of the most unique strains I’ve ever smoked. Cenote is named after the famous sink holes of the South American jungles, These sink holes appear as clearings in the dense green canopy of the jungles filled with clear rain water filtered by the limestone in the ground. Over millions of years of rainfall, the rock has been eroded into tunnels that go miles into the Earth and are submerged in still waters and blackness, The Mayans and Aztecs called these holes Cenote’s and believed them to be the gateways to the underworld. Highly respected and feared, the Cenote’s were used as mass graves and offering sites and antiquities can still be found in some of these water filled and dark silent tunnels.

 An almost sweet blue bubblegum taste comes off the finished product and fresh floral smells of a light sweet blueberry  seem to lift from the plants at any disruption or breeze that passes by. A very Indica profile in branching and stature of the plants and flowers are dense nuggets of frost covered magnificence. Truly a connoisseur’s choice for growing as the yield is average but the final product truly is something beyond and above average. NO “midways” here!

 Uplifting and social before crashing into an aggressive appetite stimulation and body high. Our Indica hybrids generally lean onto the Sativa side providing interesting tastes and tones with a body high that relaxes and is not intended to make the rest of the day a write-off. Full functionality and enjoyment, while relaxing of the joint’s and muscle’s is our goal, not an unwanted afternoon nap.

  • THC / CBD:                      NA / LOW
  • YIELD:                               ABOVE AVERAGE
  • SKILL:                                INTERMEDIATE
  • FLOWERTIME:                9 WEEKS