The newest offering in Omuerta’s “Traficante Coleccion” of the 2019 year has paired our Ethos GG#4-S1 mother with the father of our “Ronin” strain, The Ghostbreath. The Ghostbreath is the last remnants of the legendary Ghostcut Mango, bred back into the Gratefulbreath strain. Although Omuerta Genetix does not consider this a true backcross, (as though it was bred back into the same strain it was not the direct pollen line), many in the industry will. Ronin was released in 2017 and is still impressing growers and smokers today. The Ghostbreath will make its way to the public eventually as soon as there is space to hunt the masters, until then we took the stud pollen from our first Ghostbreath out of the deep freeze and set a few Gorilla Glue clones aside for pollination.

Plato O’ Plomo will stretch in flower and staking or scrogging is recommended early on to provide support. This strain does very well in large pots as the roots will demand more space as she stretches and fills in. Flavor’s are a lime over pine and rubber and make up a unique blend between the two parental lines. The onset of the high is instant and felt throughout the entire body with a very heavy sedative punch. Great as an extract or left as a manicured flower, Plato O’ Plomo will not disappoint..

  • THC / CBD:                      NA / LOW
  • YIELD:                               VERY HIGH
  • SKILL:                                BEGINNER
  • FLOWERTIME:                9-10 WEEKS