El Camino packs on weight while keeping a very light scent. The mother plant is a Ztarfighter F3 and known for its immense yields and Vanilla Kush scent and taste. When bred with our F1 Santa Muerte male, the offspring so far have produced a plant that grows vigorously and keeps its incredible yields, trichome production and looks of high end Indica. Even small clones will grow massive flowers on frost covered chunky nuggets. Finishing in shades of purples and greens, El Camino is a seriously narcotic stone that brings on the feelings of heavy body parts and heavy eyelids. This is a great choice for indoor growers and growers with limited space as they stay short and stocky with a very light scent throughout the flower cycle but a heavy yield. 



THC / CBD                                     22.5- 27/ 0.0        

YIELD                                             MASSIVE    

SKILL                                             BEGINNER 

FLOWERTIME                               9-10 WEEKS