We held the worlds only Ghostcut mangopuff which is a double recessive for THC production. Slow growing and overall a bitter tart tasting flower however the Trichome production at even 24 hrs of light was insane.

Out of 100 Mangopuff seeds, 1 came out looking opaque, like a snake ready to shed. It was weaker and slower than its brothers and sisters. The Runt. But it had this look about it that I wanted to see what it would do. To this day i have never had more compliments then I did on the Ghostcut. A male Thousand Oaks was chosen strain and pollinated a large ghost mango.

Bushido grows to be a midsized dense Indica plant with trichomes from top to bottom just coating the plants in the last weeks. The colors can be a beautiful golden green to pinks, purples and lavenders. The flowers when dried are encrusted in a shiny armor of glandular trichome heads. The Thousand Oaks has taken the tartness out of the recessive Ghostcut but kept the resin production and added a fruity almost Mandarin and Raspberry taste. Effects of Bushido start out as highly cerebral and quickly stimulate appetite as well as creativity. A very enjoyable smoke throughout the day, a slight body without the sleepy feeling. An absolute beast for extract artists with some of the most beautifully stable and terpy selections originating with Bushido.


  • THC / CBD:                      17-21% / 0%
  • YIELD:                              HEAVY
  • SKILL:                               BEGINNER
  • FLOWERTIME:                9-10 WEEKS