Broken Arrow is a cross of Firecreek Og F5 to a female Unbroken Chain <GG#4 x Missing Link> from Mycotek. We believe this could be the next huge hit for Omuerta as with it we have now combined the legendary OGKB, SFVOG, The Joseph OG, GG#4 and Chemdog all together in a sort of primordial DNA soup. What crawls out of the soil will be nothing short of epic.  Created for a powerhouse of potency and qualities desirable of Artisan flower and extract producers. When looking for breeders working with GG#4 lines we were shown many examples to choose from. Always looking for the best match for our practices, the variables were considered between each and when it was learned Mycotek also works with snakes, we considered this as sign to choose his lines to work with this time around. Unbroken chain is very easy to grow and resistant to a little more stress then the Gorilla Glue on its own. It flowers larger and denser with a similar look to GG4 and the smell is almost overbearingly pinene and chem. It’s pure grease when it starts to pack and doesn’t stop until the end. This was an easy choice to introduce our Firecreek Og F5 male to. Old heads and new alike will know the heritage of the five benchmark strains that went in to create the Broken Arrow.  As an F1 we cannot determine exactly what phenotypes will be available within Broken Arrow. Having grown out both parental lines and introduced an F5 male to the Unbroken chain though, we are confident in cross to throw large clusters of frost encrusted buds and keep a low profile without much stretch. Expect pungent pinene and gas and all round greasy potent bag of nugs at the end.


THC / CBD                                       25%    O%

YIELD                                               ABOVE AVERAGE    

SKILL                                                INTERMEDIATE 

FLOWERTIME                                9-10 WEEKS